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At Granite State Title Services, we have the knowledge, skill and attitude to provide you with service that helps not hinders your real estate transaction. The collective experience of our team (over 150 years) leads to quicker decisions which translates into better service for our clients. At Granite State Title Services, we have the professional experience to handle the most complex transactions, and a practical approach that won’t over burden the simplest transactions. Affiliated with the law firm of Cleveland, Waters and Bass, PA, we have the expertise and resources to resolve any issues that may arise.


Our professionals have an incredible depth of knowledge in all types of commercial and residential transactions, and we are committed to helping our clients adapt to the constantly changing requirements of our industry. Our team is creative and responsive, providing individualized service for every client in every situation. The knowledge and skill level of our staff allows them to anticipate client needs and handle the most complicated closings. More importantly, their dedication ensures the same level of excellent performance again and again.


We take a personal interest in seeing your deal through to completion. Our solutions-oriented team works to provide the highest quality service that meets your needs and the needs of your clients. Our services are fast, accurate and structured to meet the specifics of each deal. We offer flexibility on where and when to close, and we serve clients throughout
  • New Hampshire
  • Vermont
  • Maine and 
  • Massachusetts. 
We remain an industry leader because of our exceptional service and the commitment we make to each and every client.

We look forward to doing business with you and showing you how different the Granite State experience can be.

Please call us at (603) 229-1080.